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Hair Claw For Easy Cleaning

Aquaknight’s Hair Claw allows you to easily remove hair from your shower drain.


75mm Safety Seals

Aquaknight manufactures 75mm seals because the bigger the seal the safer it is.



7 Years Behind Wall Warranty

Great quality products backed by our promise.


Multi Leak Return Ports

We have developed a unique patented system that diverts rogue moisture back into the waste system should a leak occur.


Competitive Prices With Great Customer Service

Get the best prices in the market along with our superior & personalised customer service.


Coming Soon

A first in New Zealand.

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  • Where can I buy Aquaknight products?
    Give us a call and we will direct you to the nearest retailer. GIVE A CALL
  • Will the new drainage solution be compatible with my current product?
    We ensure our product designs are flexible enough to fit the old Aquaknight
    products. Got another company’s product? Contact us and we’ll tell you the
    specs! Contact us
  • What about the product specifications?
    Our products are designed to give extra confidence and security for leaks and
    escaping moisture. We also have great customer service to help you every
    step of the way. Get free spec sheets

“As plumbers, we get called out at all hours, any day of the year. Christmas Eve and we urgently needed a spare part to finish a job but no one was open. Rodney came out and opened up just for us. Rodney and his team at Aquaknight get it! They go the extra mile for us with personal service that is second to none.”

Ben De Wet
Co-Owner, Fox Plumbing Ltd

“As a professional plumber, I’ve installed quite a few Aquaknight shower drains over the years and they have proven to be incredibly reliable. I always recommend them to clients”


“I purchased Aquaknight to allow me to install a shower base in an upstairs bathroom. It is a very good product and the quality is far superior”