Roof Drain

Membrane Roof Outlets

For all Roof Drains

For use with:

Liquid Membrane
Single-layer Membrane
Multi-layer Membrane
Torch-on Membrane
Monolithic Membrane*

*consult your membrane supplier

50mm Outlets

4 Products
Bottom Exits & Side Exit
65mm & 100mm Inlets

150mm Outlet

1 Product
Bottom Exit
150mm Inlet

65mm Outlets

3 Products
Bottom Exits
65mm & 100mm Inlets

225mm Outlet

1 Product
Bottom Exit
225mm Inlet

80mm Outlets

6 Products
Bottom Exits & Side Exits
80mm & 100mm Inlets

Overflow Hats

Easy ‘clip-on’ to Roof Drain GRATES

100mm Outlets

2 Products
Bottom Exit & Side Exit
100mm Inlets

Overflow Hat Extension Kit

For Bottom Exit 100mm

Soffit Trim Sets

8 Products
65mm, 80mm, 100mm, 150mm

  • Engineered clamping range 0-8mm membrane thickness for multi-layer and torch-on
  • Stainless Steel Flat Lid
  • M6x25 machine screws for sound installations
  • Stainless Steel interlocking Clamp Ring
  • Over-moulded custom machine nuts – cannot be ‘cranked out’ and will not yield over time
  • Clamping force over 7 tons – delivering peace of mind
  • Disposable optional 100/80mm reducer bush

Roof Drain Product Range Reference Chart

Roof Drain Range