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Aquaknight’s Shower and Roof Drains are cleverly designed to overcome common problems experienced with almost all drains.

Leading the market with innovations such as the Hair Claw and Leak Return Ports, Aquaknight products are engineered to high standard and carry a 7 Year Behind Wall Warranty giving you peace of mind.


For use with Acrylic, Fibreglass & Stainless Steel Shower Trays

Tiled Shower Tray Systems

For use with Pre-Formed Trays that can be tiled.

Tiled Shower Waste Kit

For Hand Screeded & Pre-Sloped Tileable Bases.

Deck Drain

Sheet membrane clamping outlets

Roof Drain

Sheet membrane clamping outlets.

Roofing Accessories

Flashings, Vapour Vents, Droppers, Rainheads & Scuppers.

Down-Pipe Junction

For Inter-Balcony Drainage Systems
Vented & Non-Vented

Free-Form Tile Shower Chrome on Brass

For Hand Screeded Tile Drains
Sub-Tile Drainage

Free-Form Vinyl Floor

For Hand Screeded Vinyl Floors